Loris Leiva
Recreational programming
Replacing Tailwind UI hero patterns
Laravel deployment using GitLab's pipelines
In this tutorial, we will set up a complex GitLab pipeline that builds our application, tests it and deploys it using Laravel Deployer.
Unlock your frontend skills
In this article, I share four of my favourite frontend patterns: services, models, stores and internal plugins.
Why I wrote Laravel Actions
I explain my motivations for writing Laravel Actions and provide a small refactoring example.
Visualise your users as Minecraft villagers
We're building a Minecraft Mod that listens for database changes so you can see your users as villagers in real-time.
Making CRON expressions human-readable
I’ve released a new PHP library that translates any valid CRON expression into some text that can be read and understood by humans.
Redesigning my blog using Vuepress and TailwindCSS
Moving away from a traditional database blog, I explain why and how I moved to this new stack.
Laravel pagination with TailwindCSS
A better way of designing your Laravel pagination links with TailwindCSS.
Introducing Javel
Wrap your plain JavaScript objects into customizable Laravel-like models.
Google Calendar part 3: Webhook synchronizations
In this article we'll go one step further and ask the Google API to notify us of any changes that we should be aware of.
Google Calendar part 2: Periodic synchronizations
Learn how to periodically synchronize your users' calendars and events from the Google API.