Loris Leiva
Recreational programming
Why I wrote Laravel Actions
Laravel deployment using GitLab's pipelines
In this tutorial, we will set up a complex GitLab pipeline that builds our application, tests it and deploys it using Laravel Deployer.
Visualise your users as Minecraft villagers
We're building a Minecraft Mod that listens for database changes so you can see your users as villagers in real-time.
Making CRON expressions human-readable
I’ve released a new PHP library that translates any valid CRON expression into some text that can be read and understood by humans.
Redesigning my blog using Vuepress and TailwindCSS
Moving away from a traditional database blog, I explain why and how I moved to this new stack.
Laravel pagination with TailwindCSS
A better way of designing your Laravel pagination links with TailwindCSS.
Introducing Javel
Wrap your plain JavaScript objects into customizable Laravel-like models.
Google Calendar part 3: Webhook synchronizations
In this article we'll go one step further and ask the Google API to notify us of any changes that we should be aware of.
Google Calendar part 2: Periodic synchronizations
Learn how to periodically synchronize your users' calendars and events from the Google API.
Google Calendar part 1: Integration
You are about to learn how to allow our users to integrate all of their Google calendars and events within our application. In a series of articles we are going to...
Using GitLab's pipeline with Laravel
GitLab's pipelines can be scary at first (because you know... Docker) but they're really easy to setup and very helpful. Here's how I set up the pipelines of my Laravel applications on Gitlab.