Get the SQL of a Query Builder without the question marks

3 months ago
use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Builder;

Builder::macro('toSqlWithBindings', function () {
    $bindings = array_map(
        fn ($value) => is_numeric($value) ? $value : "'{$value}'",

    return Str::replaceArray('?', $bindings, $this->toSql());

User::where('name', 'Loris')->where('age', 26)->toSql();
// --> select * from `users` where `name` = ? and `age` = ?

User::where('name', 'Loris')->where('age', 26)->toSqlWithBindings();
// --> select * from `users` where `name` = 'Loris' and `age` = 26

For these times where you want to copy/paste the SQL from your query builder to your database software but cannot be bothered to manually replace all them bloody question marks.


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