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Sometimes, a good old article list ordered from newest to oldest is all we need. Is that the case for you too? There you go my time lord.

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My journey into web 3

I give a brief web 3 introduction before mentioning how and why I ended up getting more and more interested in web 3 and more particularly NFTs and Solana.

The complete checklist

We've learned and set up a lot of things in the series. This article act as a complete checklist of this series organised by topics. The perfect article to come back to when you get your hands dirty.

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Deploy using Ploi

Ploi is a feature-rich alternative to Laravel Forge that enables you to set up and maintain servers through an intuitive UI. In this episode, we see how to use Ploi and Deployer together.

Deploy using Laravel Forge

Setting up and maintaining servers for our Laravel applications can be quite a stressful endeavour. In this episode, we see how to delegate these tasks to Laravel Forge whilst using Deployer.

Create your own Deployer recipes

We go one step further with Deployer by learning how to create our own custom tasks and recipes enabling even more powerful deployments.

Deploy with zero-downtime

Now that we have Deployer installed and configured, let’s hit the deploy button and ship our application to our server.

Install and configure Deployer

In this article, we’re configuring a powerful deployment flow in a few lines of code by installing the Deployer library to our Laravel application.

Set up a server for Laravel applications

In this lengthy episode, we create a server from scratch on Digital Ocean that includes everything we need to welcome our Laravel application.

Deploy your Laravel app from scratch

Introduction and preparations

In this first episode, we take a look at the big picture of what we’ll achieve by the end of this series and get started by purchasing our domain name.

Abstract pagination with lazy collections

In this article, we learn about generators and lazy collections before using them to abstract the pagination of the GitHub jobs public API.

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Dealing with non-trees

As promised, we will see how to tackle clusters of nodes that do not comply with the traditional "tree" definition. And we will do so using visitors.

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