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Sometimes, a good old article list ordered from newest to oldest is all we need. Is that the case for you too? There you go my time lord.

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And then there were nodes

In this first episode, we go through some basic around node clusters and we create our first example that we will reuse throughout the series.

Nodes and the Visitor pattern

My first premium article

A personal update to my sponsors on how their contributions have affected me and what my plans are for this new learning platform.

GitHub Sponsors

Introducing webhook workflows

Webhook workflows are finally here for everyone for free! That’s our most ambitious release so far and we’re so proud to finally be sharing this. ❤️

Add billing to your apps in 10 minutes

Add billing to your Laravel application using Paddle and Kanuu in 10 minutes.

If FormRequests and invokable Controllers had a baby

The journey of merging FormRequests and invokable controllers together and the package that resulted from it.

On modules and separation of concerns

Just like us, our applications are evolving systems creating entropy every change they get. Unlike us, however, they lack the ability to achieve homeostasis and thus we have to endure that task for them.

Replacing Tailwind UI hero patterns

Use a more unique SVG pattern in your TailwindUI applications.

Unlock your frontend skills

In this article, I share four of my favourite frontend patterns: services, models, stores and internal plugins.

Why I wrote Laravel Actions

I explain my motivations for writing Laravel Actions and provide a small refactoring example.

Visualise your users as Minecraft villagers

We're building a Minecraft Mod that listens for database changes so you can see your users as villagers in real-time.

Making CRON expressions human-readable

I’ve released a new PHP library that translates any valid CRON expression into some text that can be read and understood by humans.