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If you can't find one, make one. On a lot of occasions I have found myself responding to problems with my own solutions. Turning this into a business not only brings adrenaline and excitement to the equation, but creates a whole journey filled with fascinating people.

With my computer engineering background, I aim to understand the best ways to turn a technology innovation into a success story.

To build Empires, you must tackle big markets, solve real problems that matter, and believe that the world can change.
Oussama Ammar, TheFamily

Computing logic

My Masters in Computer Sciences has been a fascinating path to follow. My attraction to this subject all started with a PHP crush which led me to learn a lot of web programming languages and libraries. One thing lead to another and now I am a fully trained geek who was taught Scala by Professor Odersky himself (although I have resisted the stickers on my laptop!).

It has been during my Masters at the EPFL that I fully thrived in the computing field through courses that make you compute intelligence – such as AI and Multi-Agents systems – or that explain to you a lot more than just a new programming language: Software engineering, security, foundation of software, etc.


My favourite communication skills

I believe that design is to a business what body language is to a human. It composes 93% of its communication. Mastering softwares from Adobe's Creative SuiteTM really early and following Graphic Design courses at university has given me the freedom to express my creativity and have a better understanding of good businesses.

Good Design is obvious,
Great Design is transparent.
Joe Sparano, University of Washington

The advisory industry

During several workshops with Deloitte and BCG, I have been introduced to consultancy which I have found extremely interesting and challenging. "It is the piano of logic" a consultant once said to me. My interests of intricately understanding how things work coupled with my fondness for problem solving have made the advisory industry the most suitable career path for me.


Having family in France, Spain, England and Switzerland I have got used to travelling a lot. Seeing the differing of cultures, getting a greater understanding of the world and having my opinions challenged; these are a few of the reasons that I love travelling. I wish to extend my knowledge further and beyond that of European culture. The idea of meeting new people and being needed in different countries with different economies, lifestyles and cultures I find very exciting.

Top 5 of visited cities so far: Delft (where I live), New York, Santa Monica, Dubaï, Zurich.



I enjoy spending time and care preparing classic cocktails or inventing new signature ones.


Dancing is another major passion. It is by far my favourite sport and it helps me keep my thoughts clear and happy.


To complete the geek profile, I also like playing board games and simple-graphic video games.

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