Curriculum Vitæ

Having recently graduated from the EPFL, I am eager to find a career path that matches my work ethic and values. My primary goal is to be working in a motivating environment with interesting people and an out-of-the-box business culture proning individualism and thoroughness.


  • IT Consulting
  • Project management
  • Team management
  • Prospecting clients
  • Mentoring
  • Visual communication
  • Marketing
  • Software engineering
  • Algorithmic optimization
  • AI & machine learning
  • Computer architecture
  • Concurrent programming
  • Network security
  • Java, Scala, Python
  • PHP, Laravel, Symfony
  • JS, VueJS, React, JQuery
  • CSS, Less, Sass
  • Markup languages (HTML)
  • Templating (Twig, Blade)
  • DMS, SQL, Doctrine

  • C, Shell, Perl, VHDL
  • Assembly language
  • Matlab
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • AfterEffect
  • Illustrator
  • Cinema4D


  • École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
    Master in computer sciences. Awarded full scholarship every available year.
    Lausanne, Switzerland — 2012-2017

  • Lycée Sainte-Geneviève
    High School diploma in Sciences. Summa cum laude distinction
    Paris, France — 2009-2012


IT Strategist & Full Stack Developer

CIMIC Center Of Excellence (CCOE)
The Hague, Netherlands — 2016-2017

CCOE, Delft


In order to improve the current model of a NATO accredited organisation by using both my technical and business background. As an IT strategist I have the ability to make quick noticeable improvements whilst designing a four-year plan that will support to-be business deliveries. I have the chance to broaden my network by working with members of different armies and external consultants from IT consulting firms to the Dutch ministry of defence.

  • Aligned the knowledge of the IT branch and ensured that information doesn’t get lost as soldiers rotate positions.
  • Contributed to the improvement of the high-level business model of the organisation.
  • Designed and automated a tailor-made risk assessment model that was then used to perform an IT-oriented risk assessment.
  • Identified 19 recommendations to reduce the overhaul risk of the organisation.
  • Provided network defenders tools that enhanced active and passive defence.
  • Writing a complete IT structure documentation that explains to newcomers how everything works but also provides current IT members a guide they can refer to in their day-to-day tasks.
  • Defining the employees’ understanding of their roles and assets by conducting interviews with every branch of the organisation and using the results to map implementation to construction business processes.
  • Designing an Entity-Relationship model describing all components of a risk assessment and how they interact with each other by following structural recommendations from international standards (ISO 27001).
  • Implementing a user interface to interact with that model.
  • Writing a complete documentation on the risk assessment’s results and how it has been conducted.
  • Providing for each recommendation some concrete implementation actions, the resource needed and the benefits that will result the risk treatment.
  • Implementing an intelligent local web-based application using Semantic Web technics that centralises all network activities.

Project Manager & Consultant

Junior Entreprise EPFL
Lausanne, Switzerland — 2014-2016



In order to gain practical insights of how small businesses are run and to have the ability to make a difference. As a project manager I had the chance to act as focal point of contact between external clients and internal student staff. I was approached by the association to modernise their visual identity and then promoted into a more strategic role that I designed together with the new direction.

  • In one year the student database doubled and the average number of projects per semester increased from 35 to 85.
  • Following that first year, I ensured high levels of business service delivery across wide range of projects with a 70% focus on IT consultancy.
  • Delivered continuous improvement of training and performance on client projects.
  • Generated substantial improvements in skills and performance of new project managers.
  • Rectified issues across quality, performance and expectations.
  • Designing new graphics for the association and devising a wide range of marketing collateral.
  • Explaining complex or foreign information to clients before they make important decisions.
  • Introducing new standards of talent development and knowledge transfer during workshops.
  • Designing a project management introduction class and training up to 12 newcomers.
  • Introducing a policy of recording and learning from mistakes, with comprehensive supporting documentation.
  • Negotiating contracts, leading conflict resolution and removing technical obstacles to client satisfaction.


  • French (native)
    Ayant grandi en région parisienne, le français est ma langue maternelle et celle avec laquelle j'ai étudié la majeure partie de ma scolarité.

  • English (fluent - C1)
    I have fallen in love with the language of Shakespeare from a very young age. Since then I have surrounded myself with English speaking people and I now speak more English than French on a daily basis.

  • Spanish (B1)
    Quasi toda mi familia es de origen Español y habla el idioma perfectamente. Entonces lo entiendo muy bien pero lo he perdido mucho y no lo hablo como ellos.